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The common bedbug is a reddish-brown insect that doesn't grow much longer than 0.2 inches (0.5 centimeters). Bedbugs inject an anticoagulant to keep your blood flowing as they suck, along with a numbing agent to keep you from feeling them when they're at work. Bedbugs will feed on any mammal, including cows and dogs. In North America, migratory birds and bats have been sources of infestation. More recently, as world travel has increased, bedbugs are finding their way into the home through luggage and clothing worn abroad.

Bed bugs conceal themselves very well although visible to the human eye. Remain at most times undetected retreating into a range of cracks and crevices in its environment your abode! A very good method of gauging if you have bed bugs is applying very sticky double sided or carpet tape on all sides of your bed frame, thereby catching them or even as a temporary measure to help against immediate biting as the host sleeps. Generally black dots closely bunched together are signs of bed bug faeces. Surprisingly bed bugs also hide under your carpets. These insects need to be where a host is going to be, for an extended period. If in the bedroom, they will come out at night while the host is sleeping, from hiding places such as the frame and headboard of the bed, behind any loose or peeling wallpaper, cracks in wood-work or plaster, from behind ward-robes or bedside cabinets. In the lounge area, they favour soft furnishings and are often found around the arm joints of armchairs and settees.

Primarily due to the fact there number one food source are humans. In some cases individuals may find they are allergic to the bite and can suffer inflammation or worse, such as anaphylactic shock (severe, whole-body allergic reaction). If you think bed bugs are infesting your home or business it is essential you take immediate steps to eradicate them. They are known not only to be very irritating but also to spread disease such as, malaria, yellow fever, west nile virus, and although not scientifically proven perhaps even Hepatitis B if hosting on more than one individual, a major concern in the Hotel/Hostel/B&B businesses. After feeding, the bedbug returns to its hiding place to digest its meal. It then mates; the female lays eggs that remain attached to her. The eggs are usually laid within the hiding place. During her lifetime the female can lay up to 200 eggs, at a rate of between 4-5 per day which hatch after 10-14 days, growth to an adult can take a few weeks to several months, depending on temperature and other environmental factors.
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